Monday, June 09, 2014

Locate Rentals on Craigslist Using Map Feature

A simple method to find specific housing accommodation on CL by location
1.      Locate your work address is on google maps. Adjust the map to zoom level and centering so that some prominent landmark (intersection) is at the Top right corner.

      Open a new window and resize windows so you can view the previous map in one of the windows. Bring up craigslist in the new window and locate the specific housing section you want to view (Apartments, room mates, houses, temporary etc). E.g.


3.      Click on the numbers listed . It indicates the number of postings at that location in that zoom level on the maps. Clicking on the number shows you the posting headlines, and clicking the headline shows you the actual post and a link to the full posting. From there on you basically pull up the actual listings and email the folks asking for details, time etc.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1-800 Flowers Pricing Issues

I ordered some flowers to be delivered to my mom and pop back home for their anniversary.

1-800 FLOWERS shows one set of service charges (which are a little steep imo, but hey whatever)

The merchandise I ordered was only $18.99 but their system insisted on charging me $14.99 and their customer service reps are unaware of their own tiered pricing scheme.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Megabus Schedule & Tracker for State College/PSU

Track a Megabus (Real time schedule/update) can be done via Apps on a mobile phone/tablet using iOS (iPhone) or Android Apps.
To do the same on a web browser on your phone or a computer use this link.


Also, if you want to see the Megabus schedule into and out of State College PA, see below.
(Timings are subject to change and not provided with any guarantee but as a courtesy.)

These are normal arrival and departure times* for Megabus service

Harrisburg, PA               to         State College PA
Departures                                         Arrivals
1:40 pm                                               3:30 pm
6:40 pm                                               8:45 pm

State College                         Harrisburg, PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
5:00 pm                                           7:00 pm
9: 45 pm                                         11:45 pm

Pittsburgh, PA               to           State College PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
 6:40 am                                             9: 35 am
10:00 am                                          12:55 pm
12: 00 pm (noon)                                2:55 pm
4:40 pm                                              7:50 pm
                         11:45 pm                                            2:40 am (next morning)

Times shaded in gray appear to be special services running only on Thur, Fri and Sat

State College                            Pittsburgh, PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
 3:30 am                                          6:25 am
11:35 am                                         2:30 pm
 2:35 pm                                          5:30 pm
 5:35 pm                                          8:30 pm
                         9:45 pm                                         12:40 am  (next morning)

Philadelphia, PA               to            State College PA

Departures                                      Arrivals
1140 am                                             330 pm
440 pm                                              8:45 pm

State College                              Philadelphia, PA

Departures                                      Arrivals
500 pm                                         855  pm

                    945 pm                                         155 am (next morning)

* Disclaimer
Megabus is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Group plc as of 3/1/2013. Fair use. Information regarding bus timings is provided as a convenience to local users in this area and no guarantees are made, and this website as well its owners are held free of any liabilities arising out of using these timings. Please check with for exact timings on the day of travel, as many conditions might end up changing the times.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just testing Bing Locations

Just testing out how to embed a map in the blog.

The location I have picked is a parking lot area behind Steidle Bldg on PSU campus

At this location:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maintaining Facebook Privacy

Five Simple Steps to Tackle FB Graph Search Invasion

Facebook has changed their privacy settings once again!! Due to the new "graph app," anyone on Facebook can see your pictures, likes & comments.

Please follow below steps and post "Done" in the comments below.

I want to stay connected to you and only you and not to all other marketers/strangers

When friends click "like" or "comment" that stuff can be seen by anyone automatically; To prevent this the ONLY way to do is

1. Please PLACE place your mouse over my name above (Just HOVER, DO NOT CLICK), a menu window will appear;

2. Now move the mouse over "FRIENDS" (also without clicking), then down to "Settings";

3. CLICK HERE here and a list will appear.


By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public.

Please copy & paste this on your wall. Once I see this posted on your page, I will do the same privacy settings for you. Thank you!

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