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Megabus Schedule & Tracker for State College/PSU

Track a Megabus (Real time schedule/update) can be done via Apps on a mobile phone/tablet using iOS (iPhone) or Android Apps.
To do the same on a web browser on your phone or a computer use this link.


Also, if you want to see the Megabus schedule into and out of State College PA, see below.
(Timings are subject to change and not provided with any guarantee but as a courtesy.)

These are normal arrival and departure times* for Megabus service

Harrisburg, PA               to         State College PA
Departures                                         Arrivals
1:40 pm                                               3:30 pm
6:40 pm                                               8:45 pm

State College                         Harrisburg, PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
5:00 pm                                           7:00 pm
9: 45 pm                                         11:45 pm

Pittsburgh, PA               to           State College PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
 6:40 am                                             9: 35 am
10:00 am                                          12:55 pm
12: 00 pm (noon)                                2:55 pm
4:40 pm                                              7:50 pm
                         11:45 pm                                            2:40 am (next morning)

Times shaded in gray appear to be special services running only on Thur, Fri and Sat

State College                            Pittsburgh, PA

Departures                                         Arrivals
 3:30 am                                          6:25 am
11:35 am                                         2:30 pm
 2:35 pm                                          5:30 pm
 5:35 pm                                          8:30 pm
                         9:45 pm                                         12:40 am  (next morning)

Philadelphia, PA               to            State College PA

Departures                                      Arrivals
1140 am                                             330 pm
440 pm                                              8:45 pm

State College                              Philadelphia, PA

Departures                                      Arrivals
500 pm                                         855  pm

                    945 pm                                         155 am (next morning)

* Disclaimer
Megabus is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Group plc as of 3/1/2013. Fair use. Information regarding bus timings is provided as a convenience to local users in this area and no guarantees are made, and this website as well its owners are held free of any liabilities arising out of using these timings. Please check with for exact timings on the day of travel, as many conditions might end up changing the times.

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