Tuesday, July 19, 2005

California 2005 - part 1

This post talks a little about the travels I did with my mom when she was visiting US couple of years back. She had traveled all the way from Delhi, India to rural Pennsylvania so that she could see what Penn State was all about.

Prior to getting Indian parents to visit US, you have to do lot of preparations. You have to make sure all the food items they need are present (eg "filter coffee", real crystal sugar, etc.). Sometimes you need to get an affidavit from a notary to show that you have enough funds to support their tourist visit.

They need the affidavit document and your bank statements etc to show at the US consulate to obtain the visa.
----------------Ok now on to the post ---------------

Question: Why did Nari cross the bridge over Hoover dam?
A week since we (my mom & I) got back from the grand road trip of California. (click on pic to see full size) I managed to add two other states (NV, AZ) to my trip by driving to Las Vegas (Nevada) and then to Hoover Dam and beyond the dam 10 miles into Arizona. (now you know the answer!)

Incidentally, Hoover dam is named after an old US president Herbert Hoover, not the vacuum cleaner! We flew a open jaw itinerary, State College --flight--Wash D.C. ->San Francisco--drive to--San Diego-flight--> Wash D.C.--State College.

Since State College happens to be a useless town when it comes to flight options, we are stuck with flying through Washington D.C. everytime, not a pleasant prospect. You can find some of the photos below.

Yosemite El Capitan (The Rock!) largest granite monolith. Yosemite National Park (Bridal falls)

Nevada - Arizona borde
r (Hoover dam). Doesn't it look like some alien space city?

Dry mountain - on the way to Hoover dam.

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