Sunday, December 09, 2007

Birthday Update

Q: How did you spend your birthday?
(Nerds and geeks should scroll down to the bottom for instant gratification)
Ans: First, Many thanks to all the wonderful bday wishes from all my dear friends. Specially, Jyotsna, Rajeev (my bro), Sanjiv, Joby, Preeti, Saikat, Charu, Ramki, Mahesh, Chaitali, Rashi, Yogitha, Ankur, Arpita, Srilatha, Shreyas, Mitra, Jayanth, Vasudha Sourav, Aravind and my sis, my parents, friends Elia, Amy, Heather, Claudia, JP, Josefa and many more !

I had a swell time. First my friends Bunny and Nathan took me out to the Waffle shop for breakfast and I also got a cool heat sensitive mug. Check more pics and info out here.

Then I took lunch to go with a friend to Colyer Lake. The lake was frozen, but the ice easily cracks and so me and my friend both jumped on the ice to make more cracks without getting our pants wet. Hehe, gotta have some crazy fun! My friend Evelina from Sweden practically grew up on a lake so she was quite delighted to be seeing frozen lakes again. :)

After that I went home, made a swell spanish omelette- filled myself up and started out to the PSU Ice Skating rink to try some ice skating. It was crowded but it was a lot of fun.
I also got to skate with some lovely ladies from five different countries (Sweden, Austria, Panama, Colombia and Brazil) courtesy of my Swedish friend.

Then I left the cold slippery ice rink and went to a cool party thrown by my dept grad secy Phyllis at her house.

For the geekily inclined as well as (my advisor if he hears about this), I managed to do some XRD scans on my coal samples and also analyze some data in between the time I was waiting.
Peace out!

Update: The fun continued on Sunday when I friend Amy took me out to lunch at Faccia Luna, a fine Italian restaurant in State College. I had my favorite, Eggplant parmesan and also had some pesto bread as a starter. Wonderful food and great conversation! Umm.

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