Thursday, April 10, 2008

Travel Delay on United Airlines

So right now I am traveling back (read: waiting in the airport) from New Orleans, LA back from the ACS conference to State College. I will miss my connection from DC to State College because of a flight delay from New Orleans to Wash DC (IAD), because UAL's plane from Chicago is delayed.
Anyhow, I called United Customer support (877 228 1327): I reached a person within 2 minutes of holding. Anyhow after that the person spoke nicely and offered me a travel voucher for 100 bux valid for one year (via email in 2 days acc. to them).

Let us see what happens. The worrisome part was that I wanted to find out about accommodation for the night, but that could not be arranged. So anyhow, right now I am debating what to do, etc.
I might have to spend a to stay in DC, it is not a cheap city!

I am just going to wing it and see what the city will have to offer late tonight.

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