Sunday, October 26, 2008

Open Letter to Big Ten and Penn State Haters

Tom Dienhart,
Are you a masochist or a desperate attention seeking individual? Because you sure are going to get a lot of (angry) emails and lot of attention in the process. Because other than that there is no reason to diss an unbeaten team. Admit first that the BCS system itself fairly screwed enough that several unbeaten teams from different divisions in the country (the non Big Six) don't even get a shot at the title game.

Isn't the saying: Don't hate the player, hate the game?

So I hope you are just hating the game (the BCS method) the way it is played. It is funny to see you bashing Big Ten just like that, when this only leads more credence to a play off system, where there will only be true contenders who work their way to the top.

Also while OhioSt. might have a sloppy record against SEC/USC etc , you have to understand that football teams are dynamic year to year and change. They don't stay the same team even if the coach stays the same over years. There are always talented athletes coming in and going out.

Coming to your choices, USC's performance record is so confusing that it makes me wonder why they lose to an Oregon state team that got handily defeated by Penn State. Then again, I think the Trojan's offense is sputtering enough (17-10 vs Arizona?).

Alabama & Texas Tech are the teams that I will be playing closest attention to this season, apart from the Nittany Lions of course. American football is finally looking like fun.

- Just a fan

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