Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vice Presidential Debate: Biden v Palin, Expert vs High school student

This post is not really about travel, but more about an interesting evening that I spent with some friends. Although I had lots to study, I decided to take some time off and watch the US Vice Presidential debate between the candidates Senator Joe Biden (Democrate- Delaware) v. Governor Sarah Palin (Republican- Alaska). I know there are some people out there who want the Independent candidates also on this debate (Link with list) but then most debates are managed by media companies that care about ratings and frankly, why play with a system that is in place already? .

So what were the oft-repeated phrases by the candidates. Digging into my memory, I could remember Palin going on and on about
  • "in my experience as Mayor and Governor"
  • Energy independence
  • Largest energy producing state
  • the hungry markets (referring to crude oil markets)
  • betcha
  • darn it
  • kinda
  • predatory lenders
  • small town America
  • small businesses
  • tax cuts
  • team of mavericks
  • maverick
  • McCain
  • Obama
  • tax on windfall profit -- no she did nt use those words, but you know what it is about.
Joe Biden on the other hand relied on these:
  • not a maverick
  • I understand
  • Iraq
  • middle class
  • 95% of American families/small businesses
  • $ 250,000
  • John McCain
  • Obama
  • Gwen
Note that some words may not be keywords, but are just words that got repeatedly used by the candidate. If you want a more detailes you can read the debate transcripts here. Well overall my opinion was the Biden managed a confident attack on John McCain and McCain's voting record and policies. However, when it came to actually tackling the questions direct he did not do very well, but neither did Sarah Palin which was already expected. But even she exceeded expectations by giving solid responses to several questions. But most of the time, she was just attacking Obama, instead of debating with Biden on the issues. Substance wise this debate was low, but voice modulation wise it was great. The one other thing which had me groaning was Palin's repeated use of folksy language - which was annoying, not too many actually speak like that and I live in a rural town. It was a blatant attempt by her to reach out. Arggh!

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