Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain Congratulates Obama While Saving $$$

I just watched Senator John McCain concede the Presidential election 2008 to Senator President-elect Barack Obama. It was a very classy speech and he was very gracious in concession. Insiders report that McCain had actually practised this speech several times in the past few months, leading to the flawless delivery.
Said McCain: I congratulate Senator President-elect Beerack (see video below), oops Barack Obama on winning the presidency of the USA.

Reliable sources confirmed that McCain knew the final projected outcome immediately after Pennsylvania and Ohio went Obama's way. However, we belive he waited till it was past 9pm in Arizona to call Obama to concede in order for his night time minutes to kick in. This is a clear indication of the strong conservative credentials of McCain and his party (and a smaller indication to the state of finances of the McCain campaign).

After finishing the call with McCain, Obama mentioned to this campaign advisors that he was going for a walk on Lake Michigan to collect this thoughts for the victory speech.

We also have breaking news that President (current) George Bush wants Barack Obama to visit him at the White House and celebrate the awesome win in true ivy league frat celebration style. He also wants Obama to take over immediately because the credit crisis is becoming too hard for him to handle, hehe.

We close with the news that people in Hawaii and Alaska are pretty pissed that their votes have been added to the 2012 polls because of the delay in transporting the ballots by boat to mainland USA. That's all for tonight folks,

(Disclaimer: The above is mostly satire, don't sue me, the credit crisis and market crash has bankrupted me. Also ,any of future earnings above $250,000 are going to be taxed heavily)

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