Saturday, October 24, 2009

10K run as part of Nike Human Race

I ran 10km today as part of Nike Human Race with several other runners at Penn State and many many more around the world. My timing was roughly an hour for the 10K. But myself and this girl called Kristen (somebody I met today while running at the same pace) ran a little extra because we went off the course. So we did 6.49 miles instead of 6.2 for the 10K.

If you click on the square box next to slide 1/1 you should be able to see a larger image of the running pattern (in a new window). The pattern was generated by the help of a new running accessory, Nikeplus promoted by Nike (Ticker: NKE)

Although I say 'run', it was a combination of run/walk for me. Kristen ran at a steady pace throughout except when she had to wait for me to catch up so that she could get directions. I had a good time running the first mile, then breathlessness set in and I struggled till mile 3, then I somehow ran fast for the next half mile till we hit some really large puddles blocking the entire bike path - at which point, I splashed my way through, but afterward I walked and ran in cycles. The final mile was done at the decent pace and we finished with a flourish. Thanks Kristen for running behind, ahead and alongside. I suck at running solo so it was a big help.

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