Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yahoo Launches Axis

What is Yahoo Axis?

Yahoo has launched a new browser app called "Axis" -a new fast browser for mobile devices (app on desktops) with instant search etc for interconnected mobile devices. i.e a new search/browser. Now now, hold your "axis of evil" jokes. Remember search companies have a "no evil" motto as a default!

Update: just realized that I am 3 days or so late on this post compared to the rest of the tech world! Read Techcrunch's take on Axis here.

Back to the Axis, currently it seems like this is being released only for iOS devices (no Android yet).

So what is it? After viewing the demo video (see below) on Yahoo's webpage this is what I understood. Axis is a browser but it is not your typical link/page browser. It is more of a thumbnail/snapshot browser. Actually, it is a split screen type browser, where a small square follows you as like an assistant (not like the annoying paper clip of Word) and you can search while on a webpage and see results etc. Check out the video for yourself below and if you are fine with selling your info to yahoo also (remember google and iApple already own most of it) go ahead and enjoy Axis. Of course, having sold of some of its assets to Alibaba, Yahoo is still quite ripe for takeover!

For some searches, Axis can provide answers even before you finish typing.

 ps: I am waiting for a browser that can provide the answers even before you think!

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