Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden Bounty: Tomatoes and Zucchini

I manage a community garden plot near the Windmill on Penn State campus. The plot is my friend's plot but there was some open space, so I planted some Italian zucchini. I planted the seeds in early July and a little sapling came out around July 20th.

Zucchini plant emerging ~ July 20-22nd.

I watered this regularly during the dry spell in late July and plant grew to have much larger leaves and looked healthy.. However, I moved apts early August and also there were some good rains every other day, I did not go to the garden for a week or so. When I went today to check it out, I had a BIG surprise. I found a massive zucchini, which I harvest, weighed it on a scale (2.11 kg ~ 4.6 lb) and then hauled it home.

The cellphone gives a sense of how long the zucchini is! That's about how wide the whole plant was 20 days back!!

Cherry tomatoes that had grown wildly all over the plot, and they occupy the background. Who wants some?

Any recipe ideas? I already made fried zucchini flowers earlier today!

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