Friday, April 05, 2013

Steamed Vegetables with Cold Sesame Oil

Nutritious Lunch - Steamed Vegetables with Sesame Oil

Steamed Veggie Salad Seasoned with Sesame Oil, pepper and Salt
I had a very simple, but tasty lunch today. Later on, I realized that what I had made was actually vegan. Here goes, I steamed some frozen broccoli, cauliflower (5-6 mins), then added some kale - let that steam 2 mins, then finally added some mung sprouts and almonds to the top of the veggies in the steamer, turned off the heat and closed the lid. 

After a minute, I laid out these steamed items in a bowl - sprinkled some pepper and salt and drizzled some sesame oil and chowed it down fast. Wait, after two bites I also brought out a wedge of lime and squeezed that over this "salad?".

Anyway, the main thing i realized was that it was the first time I had used unheated sesame oil to season vegetables (I do olive oil usually) and the flavor was great! Has anyone else tried that? A picture of what I made with the ingredients in roughly volumetric proportion is attached!

Extra tasty tip: You can get something called paruppu podi/kandhu podi in many indian grocery stores. You can use this instead of just black pepper. 
You can also use bbq seasoning powder if that is your style to flavor things. 

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