Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving Art Train

I Love Trains.

Love riding on trains, love watching trains go by, love the sound of the train whistles (especially the toot ones) and love watching a long train wind its way through the fields.... I could go on and on.

Now picture this. A train clad in brightly colored LED panels, rolling through the countryside, perhaps through the Altoona horseshoe bend!

Sep 6 - Starts from New York, NY

Rolls through Pennsylvania for most part...Must figure out when the train passes between Lewistown PA and Altoona PA... those are the closest spots for viewing, and I am hoping it passes in the dark!

Anybody know any information about this?

Sep 8 - Stops at Pittsburgh PA
Hat tip to Pittsburgh Magazine for the cool rendering of LED colored coaches

Coast-to-Coast Art Train to Stop in Pittsburgh - The 412 - June 2013

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