Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hiking Centre County 2006

To my left is a steep drop , probably about 120 m...(continued below pic) This is the top (known as Indian Lookout) of the Indian Steps hiking trail in Colerain Park in Centre County, PA. The base of this switchback trail is right off of Rt .45 West about half a mile before Spruce Creek, if one is travelling from State College, PA.
Now on to the hike itself, there are faintly visible blue markers on the trees to point to the trail. We, however, missed those markers as soon as we started and ended up clambering over several wet rocks on a mountainous slope for over half an hour till we joined the trail up somewhere. It was a fun experience clambering up an umarked route - one carrying the higher risk/reward ratio - and ending up at the top of the trail much faster than what our guidebook predicted.

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