Sunday, December 31, 2006

Princeton New York Christmas 2006

This entry does not have many pictures. (except this one)

This time I did not take my camera along and also plainly resisted taking pictures wherever possible. It was a great visit though because the weather was really warm when I got to Princeton, Nj [or more precisely Plainsboro, NJ]. I was able to go running outdoors at 9am. Next day we went to NYC after first having lunch at Swagat. The best part about this South Indian (yes south indian) place is that they serve hot rasam (soup) as soon as you sit down. Delicious! ummm.
New York: Oh yeah, had a great time. I was in the mood for middle eastern/northern african food so I asked my friend Kullu (who is in Columbia) to suggest a nice place. We went to Casbah Rouge, a moroccan restaurant at 110 and Broadway. We started with a moroccan hot tea, sweet with mint infusions. It was a good way to start for me as I was having a small cold. Later I switched to the refreshingly strong middle eastern alcoholic apertif of Uzo. Pretty potent stuff! Definitely have it over rocks and some dilution is also urged. The food was quite good, I recommend their Mezze Plate (starter) and their Vegetable Tagine (for vegetarians). Others, ask your beautiful waitresses :). The Mezze plate is a beautiful arrangement of different spreads on a plate served with pita breads.
Midway during our dinner, the music started a gorgeous woman started doing some great belly dancing. Fantastico, unplanned at that. One thing though, this girl seemed like an american girl- not a middle eastern girl, but still she did a great job.
After this we went to a short walk on the Columbia campus and then went to the Rockefeller tree and back to NE Corridor Train.

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