Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just read on the "Collegian" (Penn State's College Newspaper) that Carmike Six Cinemas (Nittany Mall) is offering weekend deals of $1 movie tickets to "second run movies". That includes movies that are past 3-4 months after their release, new enough, but not brand new. [Link]

This weekend (Jan 16, 09) the movies that will be screened at Carmike 6 are Quantum of SolaceJames Bond movie], and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [Family movie/animation].

The news report did not mention if the promotion was only [
for college students or if anybody going to Cinema 6 on weekends would get the $1 tix. I will be calling the Carmike Cinema 6 office [Ph: (814) 237-1998] on Friday to clarify this issue. Once I have the full information, I will update this post. Note, from the Carmike 6 Cinema website it appears that all movies tickets are down to $1,(+ appl. taxes, so carry change, and oh..they accept only cash). Who would whip out plastic for $1 and change anyways?

By the way, my personal opinion is that Carmike 6 (at the Mall) does not compare very well to the newer Premiere 12 (near the Nittany Mall) and the College 9 ($6 to $6.75 w/Student ID, near Lowes on N Atherton). I personally did not like the sound system at Carmike 6, so I have not been there in the past 7-8 months. Also all these three cinemas are far away from campus, so they may not suit many students at Penn State (those who don't have a car).

Tip: However, for students who rely more on walking and the bus to get anywhere (the M bus by CATA takes you to the Mall), the movie options close to campus are at: State Theatre ($6 w/ Student ID downtown on College Ave) and the HUB Auditorium on most weekends when Late Night Penn State is active.

How to get to Cinema 6
1. Take the M bus (schedules)
2. Convince friends who have a car to join
3. Bike in summer, fall.
Till then, enjoy cheap movies.
Carmike 6 Local Wiki
Madagascar on IMDB


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