Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Facebook Users, Beware!

Be careful when accepting new "Apps" especially ones that say "Your friend is sending you a Cake or Hug or etc. etc.. or that somebody added you as a "Top Friend".
These might all be ploys to get you to give personal information. Once the information is with the hackers/spammers they can infect your computer with spyware and capture lot of financial and other useful information.

LONDON: A probe by security experts has revealed that cyber criminals tend to work up a fortune by selling stolen Facebook profiles for an amoun

t as low as 89p.

According to Trend Micro specialists, hackers break into social networking accounts to steal personal information of users to sell them off to criminal groups who then use the details to send "spam" messages to million others.

The wrong-doers tend to send an invitation to account holders to view videos or pictures of family and friends, which on being clicked allow access to the victims' computer, reports the Sun.

Read all about it here on Times of India.

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