Thursday, March 08, 2012

Madras Bashai (Inner city language?)

Disclaimer/Warning: Do not be repeating these words mindlessly to the next Indian/Tamil or Sri Lankan person you meet. Any trouble you get into will be your own responsibility.

          This is a blog post written to "educate" people with some choice slang words used in the city of Chennai (formerly Madras). The colorful language used by the city folk (a loose parallel to inner city language used elsewhere in the world) is known as Madras Bashai. A scribd article on the same can be located here.

Some classic phrases that I learnt from my stay in Madras/watching Tamil movies:

  • Bemani/Baemani - dishonest person, no scruples.
  • Somari - lazy fellow, good-for-nothing.
  • Dubakkoor- big liar.
  • Kusmaalum - dirty thing 
  • Saavugrakki - a word reserved for bad drivers who cut in front of you or pedestrians/bus boarders who come in the way of autorickshaw drivers.
  • Kunthu - Sit here or sit.
  • LateAvum - we will be late.
  • Peter Vudaradhu - Speaking in English when the majority of the group is conversing in Tamil.

I will stop my list here, but if you want to become well versed in cussing in Tamil you can read the long treatise on scribd here or via wiki.

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