Thursday, December 06, 2012

Facebook Site Governance Vote by Dec 10

Facebook's Site Governance Voting process is tucked in quietly and facebook is not advertising it much. Further, I feel that internally they might also be reducing the shares of this item or how often it shows up in the timeline of any user.
In fact, I checked my timeline and the fact that I voted doesn ot show up in my timeline. Oh well.

Steps to Vote:

1) Go to Facebook Site Governance page, Vote App:
(Use Firefox if needed or having problems with Chrome)
2) Read through Proposed and Existing SRR and other terms if you wish.

3) Ideally, vote for keeping the Existing Documents: The current SRR and Data Use Policy. Use your judgement.

4) Share.

Everyone knows that pictures of a woman or a cute cat will get more shares so I enlisted Creative Commons to give me a woman pointing to the right choice.

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